Saturday, December 10, 2011


Finished up a few 1914 British last night…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These figures are from Renegade Miniatures. They’ve got their 5 for 4 sale on now and I’ve gone and ordered a few more things (Great War and Napoleonics)… mostly to finished up a few units (like this one)…

Oh and North Star Figures was selling some ready made Clash of Empires armies (using Crusader Miniatures figures) for HALF PRICE… so… um… I bought a few… I know nothing about Clash of Empries, but looking at what was in them they kind of worked out to be just enough for a DBA army (plus a few spare for skimish gamin’)… and did I mention that it was half price!? Half the already discounted price – because as an army it’s less than buying the packs, right? Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway – I couldn’t NOT buy them!?

Don’t get me started about the Maelstrom Games sale… (more Great War miniatures on the way...)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I also got cracking on the rest of Royal Scots… hopefully see them finished this week some time.

I also need to finish up the 1812 infantry


  1. Sounds great! Figures are excellent, too Tim ;)

  2. Nice work on those. I love Maelstrom Games too! Best, Dean

  3. Ha! How weird is that Tim? We're painting the same stuff at the same time. Yours are jolly good too mate, I have to say.

    You commented on the flowers on my bases - they are Noch Flowering Grass Tufts which I got from Antenocitis Workshop.


  4. Gathering miniatures for the painting contest on Analogue Hobbies? I've also joined but probably won't reach your output! :p

  5. Oh no, I had PLENTY already in the "To Paint" pile... just taking advantage of some current sales on stuff I'd want to get at some point anyway...

    Of course I'll probably end up painting a few for the challenge... But that wasn't the main reason for the purchases..

    Thank everyone!

    Millsy - thanks I'll have to check those out. Especially for bigger multi figure bases - which I sometimes try to do more as dioramas!