Thursday, December 22, 2011

Machine-gun Jocks

You (and I) will be experiencing a bit of time-delay for the next three months. As part of the Analogue Hobbies 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge all entries must be posted there first and allow 24 hours before posting them on our own blogs… So I was done these chaps yesterday… and they were posted on Anologue Hobbies HERE

If you mosey on over to Analogue Hobbies you can see what I finished up last night – some of the 1812 Militiamen and Great War Royal Artillery 18-Pounders!! (They’ll be posted here tomorrow evening).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Early Great War Scotts machine-gun teams from Renegade Miniatures.

Well the not-so-kilted guys are supposed to be Early War Scots and, I think, are supposed to be wearing Glengarries like the Lowland Scots I did last week. When I went to prime them I realized they weren’t in Glengarries but some sort of Field Service Cap (Which I didn’t even think was used in the Great War…?) – after I’d started painting I notice a little bit of a loop hanging off the back of the head and at first thought might be some flash I'd missed, but on further inspection realized it was probably put there on purpose and supposed to be the tails of a Glengarry!? So it was either carve off the tails and use them as guys in a Field Service Cap OR carve of the wings and call it a Glengarry… well it looked more like a FS caps so I carved off the loop/tail-thingie… I’m guessing the sculptor had already done a team in FS caps and thought it’d be a quick easy job to re-do them as Scots in Glens…? but… well… forgot to file off the wings and buttons and stuff.. Or did a head swap with the other Great War Vickers team – but grabbed the wrong head and tried to fix it by adding a tail to an FS cap and hoped no one would notice…? I have no idea…

I’m not terribly concerned These’ll probably see more action as Army of the Scottish Republic in the 1938 Civil War – and by then the British Army definitely WAS using Khaki FS Caps…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

As I mentioned you can see the 1812 Milita I painted last night over at Analogue Hobbies today (and here tomorrow). The kiddies are sleeping at my folks tonight so I’m gonna git some stuff FINISHED! I have some Highland Infantry rapidly approaching completion and a second 18-pounder with crew, primed, assembled and on the workbench…. then…? Some sculpting to do…? More casting…? We shall see…


  1. Tim, I salute your industry! Festive Frolics to you, sir!

  2. Nice job!

    The kids are sleeping elsewhere and you priority is getting some painting done??? Okaaaay.

  3. Amanda was out for the evening and came home very, very sick...

  4. Hi,
    I like your blog and post a message for the first time.
    I feel that they are wearing Tam O'shanters, wich is a traditional Scots' headgear,that is why there are ribbons at the back and the little pompom on top.
    I hope it helps.