Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still More Great War Scots

Last of the Great War Scots (well… for now…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These chaps are from Renegade Miniatures.

Here they are skirmishing with the rest of the unit…

Of course now I have another unit of early war Scots from Great War Miniatures (as well as a unit of Highlanders) to do… (see previous post)

I also happen to finish up some WW2 Soviet Officers:

These are from Crusader Miniatures. My friend Mr. Miller found them in a bargain bin in some store in Vancouver a week or so ago while he was visiting and picked them up for me. I knocked them off because… well.. they’re quick and easy and every other 28mm WW2 Soviet figure I have is painted… I couldn’t have four unpainted infantrymen hanging over my head when the rest of the collection is completely painted… (Well… at least all the foot… I think there’s a couple of three T-34s to assemble and paint…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Last night I finished up some skirmishers for an DBA Greek Hoplite Army, which should be up on Analogue Hobbies today (and here tomorrow).

Rapidly approaching completion are the last of the Renegade early Great War British infantry… gunners are getting there too… Invading the workbench are some more Greeks (Hoplites!) – though I need to manufacture some spear for them. After polishing off those British infantrymen tonight I’ll probably spend a bit of time manufacturing a whole lot of spears for the Hoplites and Normans and them prepping, priming said Hoplites and Normans as well as the Great War Minis…


  1. Nice job and good choice to do the Soviets and keep that project "finished". :)

  2. Yeah... I should really finish up the T-34s...

    I also had the 28mm Modern Military stuff "completed" at one point, but then I acquired some more Brits and haven't gotten around to getting them done... Maybe they should move up on the "To Do" list too..

    There really is a great sense of satisfaction in being able to day "I'm done with those..."

  3. Love the Highlanders Tim. Really nice work.

  4. Some very nice painting, love the Scots caps, very nice work!

  5. My goodness i do think your as mad as i am, love your work and in the next day or two i'll add a link on my blog to yours, here i am 6.30 in the morning every bodies asleep and i'm about to start painting. keep up the great work