Thursday, October 25, 2012

Expedition to Timbogo

Last week I played a little skirmish scenario with the kids set in of Timbogo; the fictional African nation that has been the setting of many more modern wargames and adventures on the “Dark Continent”.

The scenario involved the Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition arriving in one of the last regions of Africa to be explored/claimed by Europeans. The region (now the Republic of Timbogo) had, to this point, been thought to be mostly devoid of desirable resources to plunder. Combined with the fact that the area is so far from the coast and, until recently, any trains made any exploitation of any resources that might actually be there economically unfeasible. Also the rumours of the ferocity and combative nature of the occupying tribes had thus far also served to keep Europeans at bay. But as the map was quickly gobbled up and colonies established the race for even the most desolate regions had picked up in pace…

As we played with Savage Worlds I posted the game report over on my Savage Worlds blog:

I have one more game report to catch up on, then hopefully back to some painting!

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