Monday, September 27, 2021

Age of Sigmar - End of the Campaign....?

These are some pictures of the last game of Age of Sigmar that I played with Finnegan... it was part of a new AoS3E Paths to Glory Narrative Campaign we'd started... and then lost steam... and then interest... and I coudln't even motivate myself to finish up thsi report. We'd planned at least ONE mroe game... but didn't even get to that before being fully distracted by Kill Team!?

I had edited the photos and uploaded them into a draft and it sat in my drafts folder for ever and it seemed a waste to just delete it... but I have little idea what was going on here or where the notes I took during the game went to... so I thought I'd just share the pictures without much comment. 

I know there WAS a story behind it all... but I can't remember which. 

I think maybe the Deamons of Slaanesh were retreating from their attempted assault of the Stormcast's stroghold and ran into a band of Khorne Daemons on their way to attack the Sigmarites and just happened to run into their equally hated enemy - the servants of Slaanesh. Battle ensued. 

I was playing the Slaanesh Daemons, Finnegan played the Daemons of Khorne. 

I really enjoyed Age of Sigmar and playing this campaign... and I'd LOVE to play more... I really loved building up these forces and the narrative to go with them and the narrative of the campaign... but I've come to the realization that I CAN'T DO IT ALL!? I just dont' have the time to do ALL the games and paint ALL the miniatures I'd like to and need to FOCUS on something... and right now that focus is KILL TEAM. I'd initially hoped to keep up with Kill Team AND Necromunda AND Warhammer underworlds... this fall... AND maybe get to WArhammer Quest: Cursed City... AND maybe get back into out Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress campaign... but it's feeling more and more like all I'm going to accomplish is some more Kill Team!? 

And, y'know... maybe that's okay... 

I can always return to this - or any of those other games when I tire of Kill Team... 


  1. You might have run out of steam but the two demonic bands fighting it out in the wasteland look great! At least you're playing something regularly so that's surely all good?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! For sure it was good fun, and I'd love to get back to playing Age of Sigmar again, at some point... So many things I WANT to play (and plan for... and paint miniatures for... and write game reports about... ) and so little time.

      It's like there a switch in my brain that has two settings "ALL IN" and "Ugh... Can't be Bothered" and I can never tell when somethings going to flick that switch...!?