Sunday, September 19, 2021

Oops! I Did It Again!

 Just when I thought I was doing a reasonable job of being reasonable about game spending and miniature acquisitions, this happens.... 

Local dude offered up his Guard force on the local miniature buy and sell on Facebook... 

$200CAD for all this!? Mostly assembled. A lot of it painted - and pretty well! 

There are..

  • 5x Tempestus Scions
  • 4x Heavy Weapons teams (8 crew, lots of guns - all magnetized!?) 
  • 45x Assorted Imperial Guard infantry 
  • 3x Leeman Russ tanks (turret guns magnetized, all the others press fit and removable) 
  • 1x Manticore (self-propelled Missile Launcher) 
  • 1x Armoured Sentinel
  • 3x Scout Sentinel
  • 1x Valkyrie Assault Carrier
  • 3x Forge World Twin-Linked Lascannon Weapon Platforms
  • some other Anti-Aircraft Lascannon Mount
  • PILES of assorted bits and parts

I looked it all up and, currently, it would be over $1000CAD to buy new... 

WOULD I have bought all of this new...? No, probably not... I mean I WAS thinking of buying a single box of plastic guard so I could finish up a couple Guard Kill Teams (Necromundans and Antari Rifles) which would have been $55 on it's own... now I have that... plus so much more... 

Sentinels WERE on my wishlist - as I'd LOVE to build a couple units of Tallarn Sentinels - as that was one of the things they excelled at, in the fluff... 

Valkyries... always thought a couple would be fun - but so expensive! Now I have one (plus the one in a box to assemble....) I thought it would be fun to have one as a terrain piece in Kill Team - like, it just landed the Kill Team and they're dispersing from it into a hot LZ!? 

Anyway... More Kill Team stuff coming up, as that is what I am currently obsessing about! 

Pretty excited about the New Box recently announced - I better get all the Octarius stuff painted - as it will be hard enough to convince myself (let alone Amanda) that I should get it, if I haven't even painted the previous one!? 


  1. well that is a great haul! (I will assume you meant $1000 and not $100)

    Magnetizing guns seems great in theory... but it means you have to paint more of them! (doing something similar right now with my slow eldar project).

    1. Ha ha! Yes - $1000! fixed that.

      I wonder if it was autocorrect thinking, "well, he can't be so stupid as to by THAT much more Guard stuff..." and tried to fix it for me!?

      The magnetizing is CrAzY - I mean it was really well done... and... I get why other people do it - want to try different load-outs. Maybe they use different things for different opponents? Maybe it's just so they can get ONE MORE TANK in under the 2000 points...?

      I don't know... I'd just be afraid I'd LOSE the bits if they weren't attached!