Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Warhammer Underworlds - Wurmspat versus Cyreni's Razors

If playing four games of Warhammer 40K over the weekend at the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament, I also got in a quick game of Warhammer Underworlds with Orion on Sunday evening. 

We'd both packed Warhammer Underworlds warbands along with us as there initially had been an odd number of teams registered and there was a chance we could get a Bye and have some time to play something else on our own... In the end the tournament organizers fielded a team to make it an even 12... but we still had the warbands with us and after the tournament was all over, Orion had some time to kill while she waited for Nic to finish up work and pick her up. 

So, we went downstairs and set up in the pub to play a quick game... 

I had Wurmspat with me, as I'm determined to figure out a way to play them and make them WORK! I'm just playing with their Rivals deck to see which cards come up that consistently work and which are just stinkers... 

By the end of Round one I'd lost Gullough, which meant I could not score the one decent Objective card in my hand which required holding THREE objectives?! for a warband of THREE... I mean, it is a three Glory Objective... but I think that would be really hard for them to do in most games - especially later in the game... It will likely be one I'll lose if I make a Nemesis deck with these.

The others were also a little unlikely - have a surviving fighter with three or more upgrades and all fighters, minimum two, be inspired... The inspired thing was also possible... but would require actually FIGHTING and dealing or taking damage...  because their inspire condition is that three fighters be out of action or have taken wound tokens.

In the end I did score the remaining fighters inspired because Gulough was out of action, I dealt some damage to one of theirs and then I walked Fecula through a hazard hex to make a third fighter wounded... (I don't think it was a surge, just and end phase scorer) 

This was probably the best roll I'll EVER MAKE in my life... so I thought I'd best document it! 

In the third round I made an attempt to take out Cyreni - as I had an objective card that scored for having taken an enemy leader out of action... 

Alas, that was not to be... at the end of the game all that was left was Fecula Flyblown and Cyreni of the Abyss... tied at seven Glory Points... and Cyreni won because holding objectives at the end of the game is the tie-breaker!

Not bad... there wasn't a lot of cards I could score... though, what I did score netted me four Glory (plus three bounty glory for taking out enemy fighters). Orion was in a similar boat - not having a lot of good Objective cards to score, as she would have only scored 5 from cards (plus two for taking Gulough and Sepsimus out of action!) 

I'm sure I can make a good nemesis deck with these... Not sure which rivals deck I'll pair it with just yet, though... 

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