Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 7 February 2024

Another Wednesday, another update on what's going on at the workbench... 

Generally, still trying to get some more work done on the Tallarn self-propelled artillery.... But Warhammer Underworlds warbands keep getting in the way... 

Also... I realized, when I played a game with them over the weekend... I'd used the WRONG khaki colour... so now I'm kind of repainting that part of them.. They're mostly done except for some lettering and weathering and a detail or two, here and there... 

For Warhammer Underworlds, the warband I'm most interested in finishing up is Ephilim's Pandemonium. It just looks like fun. 

Apparently the dude that won the Warhammer Underworlds event at the LVO this year was playing these (and he won the previous year - and he's from Calgary!)

Probably the CLOSEST to being done is Blackpowder's Buccaneers. Ogor pirate and his monkey and murder parrot and a pair of grot crew...  I should really just focus on finishing THESE off and get them OFF the painting table!!

Also close to being finished in Domitan's Stormcoven... mostly just because they're pretty easy to paint... They're apparently pretty good in the game... but I'm kind of bored of the Stormcast...

I also dragged these out of storage the other day - laregly because I recalled that they were pretty close to being done.. and I'd like to FINISH some things!

I also have a few others on the workbench. Some should be moved into the on "deck boxes" (Hexbane's Hunters, The Exiled Dead, Skittershank's Clawpack, and The Shadeborn) that I'm clearly not getting to... With the exception of the Exiled Dead, there's a part of me that would really LIKE to paint those others... but they keep getting shoved to the side, so... 

A few assorted heroes (and villains) from various Warhammer Quest games have also made their way onto the workbench... for something different and fun to work on ... also because I would like to PLAY Warhammer Quest at some point... and also they might be useful in a game of Wahammer, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound (the role-playing game!) 

Also... I did a thing... (and it arrived today!) 

I'd been thinking of picking up the Fearsome Fortress Rivals Deck as I'd read it was good for pairing with a number of the older warbands I have for a Nemesis deck... but then Orion went and bought the last one in town... and they'd disappeared from Games Workshop's webstore... So I went looking about to see if I could find one and The Sentry Box in Calgary, not only had one, but it was discounted (40% off!) AND they had a couple other Rivals decks similarly discounted AND some of the old Beastgrave play matts even MORE deeply discounded (about 70% off...?!)... so.. I went ahead and ordered those. (Hey! at least it's not MORE MINIATURES!?)

The matts were rolled - rather than FOLDED into the box (like the Nightvault matts were!) so there are no fold kinks, but because of the way they were rolled they're not totally laying flat. So I rolled them the other way and put them back in the box and hopefully, over time, they'll eventually lay flat! 

Oh, those guys at the Sentry Box... (the postal worker that delivered this was highly amused and said it was probably one of the funniest things he'd seen written on a box!). 

What's EVERYONE ELSE working on this week?!


  1. Those beastgrave playmats are cool! (and at 70% off, actually well priced). Lots of fun stuff on your workbench.

    1. RIGHT!? How could I pass those up!? There's actually a pretty big Warhammer Underworlds community in Calgary I've recently discovered (where The Sentry Box is located) I'm surprised no one there grabbed them?! Or maybe they were just discounted and I was lucky enough to happen to be looking that day!? I don't know. I'm keeping at least one for me, and maybe Amanda, the other(s) will probably go to my friends Orion and Nic...
      Sometimes there is TOO MUCH FUN on the workbench... and it all gets a little overwhelming trying to decide WHOCH fun thing to paint... but I suppose that's better than a bench full of boring and uninspiring stuff!

  2. I love the pirate bunch! Lots of other cool minis, too. There's a wrong shade of khaki? (I suppose so, especially if you have some painted with one shade and you want things to be uniform.) :D
    That writing on the box is funny. :D

    I'm still working on some sci-fi minis. Just some basic human types from Star Schlock. Sort of uniformed fighters who could be rebel troops or some sort of militia or local or private forces.

    1. I used a darker shade than I used on ALL THE OTHER VEHICLES I've done so far for this army... and the lack of uniformity looks a little too off for me... it's ridiculous, I'm aware... but I'm going to fix them now or it will annoy me forever!?

      That's one of the things I really like about Warhammer Underworlds - there are just a lot of really cool miniatures. You CAN get buy with just buying one you want to play with (and maybe a boxed set to get the counters and boards)... or you can buy PILES and have a really wide variety of little warbands without having to buy multiple boxes to put together a unit or army books for each one or any of the other stuff required to play any of the other bigger battle games from GW.. even smaller skirmish game like Kill Team has a lot of "extra things" you need to play...

      Those Star Schlock miniatures do look like a lot of fun... If I didn't already have WAY TOO MANY miniatures, I'd be tempted to pick up a bunch for Five Parsecs from Home (or whatever). Looking forward to seeing yours all painted up!