Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 21 February 2024

 No new stuff this week... so far... 

I did a bit of a tidy up... but didn't move THAT many off... and put almost as many different ones back ON!?

The grey plastic are some Putrid Blight Kings I nicked from Finnegan's room... I've been playing a lot of Wurmspat in Warhammer Underworlds and love those models, so I thought I might paint up these... for use in Warhammer Quest... or Age of Sigmar: Soulbound... or.. Warcry...?

Most of the things I was working on last week were finished and used in the tournament last week... and I haven't been doing much painting since then... 

(something screwy going on with the colour today on my phone camera when I was trying to take close ups and I coudln't quite correct for it... so... sorry about that... too tired to try the ohter camera or take more pictures...)

I did assemble and prime Skabbik's Plague Pack! 

I don't think anything has happened with Blackpowder's Buxccanners... STILL the most close to being finished... and I really SHOULD just finish them... buuuuut.... 

I did do some basecoats on two of the Squig herd... They WERE the priority for this week as I needed them for the games on the weekend... but those have been cancelled due to my mother being in the hospital and all the uncertainty about what's going to happen there... 

This is probably what I'm MOST interested in finishing up... not much happened in the last week (because 40K tournament! and being tired after that!) I expect these will be one of the first things on the workbench to be finished up! 

I DID do some work on these villains of Ulfenkarn: The Cursed City - The cruel vampire lord Radukar the Wolf and hit two zombie ogre body guard... 

I think a little bit of paint happened on these as well. 

I should take stock of what I'd need to START playing Cursed City and work on THAT! I probably need four of the heroes and the Zombies finished... (I did get the skeletons of the Ulfenkarn City Watch finished YEARS ago!?)

These guys somehow made it back onto the workbench...? Seemed like they might be fun NPCs to run into in soulbound at some point... 

I'll probably do some work on these soon... they're also so close... and Amanda said she was interested in trying out some of the other Aelf warbands in Warhammer Underworlds and all four of these are archtypes that can be played as player characters in Soulbound! 

That's it for now... 

I did actually buy MORE THINGS!?!? I was looking around for a copy of the Beastbound Assault rivals deck to see if I could find one for a reasonable price without oppressive shipping costs... and I found one... AND the store still had a copy of Gnarlwook in stock... and it's the ONLY Warhammer Underworlds core box that I don't have (Well... other than the more recent Two-Player Starter... but I'm not super interested in that...), so.... Mostly got it for the Rivals decks and boards... and the Sons of Velmorn will fit right in with those Ulfenkarn City Watch... The Gnarlspirit Warband looks kind of fun too... and Darkoath warriors are common foes to be found in Aqshy on the Parch - where a lot of the Soulbound adventures are set! We'll call it ANOTHER Birthday Present for me! After this, I REALLY WILL cool it... until Zondra's Gravebreakers is released (probably in March...?)

What are YOU painting!? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I have Cursed City buried in my mountain of shame; still in shrink wrap I think. I was hoping they would do what they did with Blackstone Fortress and release expansions, which they sort of did (but not really). I am still working my through the Bloody Miniatures catalogue and will continue with that until the AHPC is over.

    1. I'd had the exact same hopes for Cursed City! Amanda and I had SO MUCH FUN with Blackstone Fortress, through the height of the pandemic! Mind you we've only played through the campaign in the core box and two of the expansions...? and still have three or four that we could play through.. but the impetus on that has been lost and I'm not sure we'll ever get back to it.. I hope we DO, it was a lot of fun.

      IMomentun on Cursed City also died out shortly after I picked it up... because ... too many other distractions! I do hope I can chip away at these and eventually play through it! Also, there is an Ulfenkarn sourcebook being published for the Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG - so hopefully they could see use in that as well!

      I've been really enjoying all your Bloody Miniatures. They seem so fun and full of character - and your paint work is fantastic! If I didn't already have FAR TOO MANY ECW miniatures to paint, I'd be seriously tempted to BUY THEM ALL!?!?!

  2. Sons of Velmorn are great figures... Underworlds generally gets amazing sculpts. And don't birthdays last for a month anyway?

    1. They do get some great sculpts - that's how I got sucked in, originally - I bought Morgwaeth's for some interesting minis to add to a Daughters of Khaine army I was trying to put together...

      Ha-ha! My sister, at the beginning of September always posts a little cartoon of a bunny with the words "it's all about ME!" on Facebook with a comment reminding everyone that it is her birthday MONTH (her birthday isn't until the end of September!)