Monday, January 13, 2014

Lion Clan Bushi Buntai

The first of ten Buntai I am preparing for the Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai campaign/tournament at the  10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend

This is a Bushi buntai based on the Lion Clan from AEG’s Legends of the Five Rings series of games – indeed many of the figures in this buntai are from AEG’s old (and now out of print) Clan War miniatures game.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Entire Buntai

Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi, Naginata
Command, Naginatajutsu, plus two other Abilities
46 points
The miniature is from AEG’s Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War line. I believe the Miniature is supposed to be Matsu Tsuko, who became Daimyo of the lion Clan after the disgrace of Akodo Totori.

2x Hatamoto
Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi,
Command, Kenjutsu, plus one other Ability
@35 points each
Both of these miniatures are also from AEG’s Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War line. The fellow on the left may have been a named character but I don’t know who. The figure on the right was meant to be a member of the “Matsu Lion’s Pride” unit – a unit of fierce warrior women.

3x Samurai
Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi, Naginata
Command, Naginatajutsu
@30 points each
Again, all three miniatures are from AEG’s Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War line.

2x Samurai
Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi, Yumi or Teppo
Command, Weapon Bujutsu (Kyujutso or Hojutsu)
@30 points each
The archer is from AEG’s Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War line. The Samurai with the teppo is from Dixon Miniatures.

5x Ashigaru
Medium Armour, Armour, Katana, Yari
@18 points each
All five of these guys are from Old Glory

2x Ashigaru
Medium Armour, Armour, Katana, Yumi or Teppo
@18 points each
The archer on the right is from Old Glory, The gunner with the teppo on the left is from Perry Miniatures.

Ashigaru Bannerman.
Medium Armour, Armour, Katana
He’s not actually a separate guy – I thought I would allow any of the above ashigaru to go into battle without their yari, yumi, or teppo and instead carry a banner.

I wasn’t quite sure about the balance of bows to spears among the Ashigaru – I ended up taking more spearmen expecting that they would die like flies and the bows if they managed to avoid close combat, might be a little more… survivable…? and thus, hopefully, not need to be replaced

Figures total = 392 points
+1xKiai! @ 5 points
= 397

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The next Buntai I will have totally complete is the Sohei Buntai #1 – which is pretty much the same one I already posted but with a few additions (the archers I converted). 


  1. Beautiful paintjob, love the armours...

  2. Excellent work on them Tim. As always, love the banners you paint!

  3. Great work Tim! I really enjoy all your stuff...

  4. Beautiful brushwork! Your banners are terrific too!

  5. Great looking troops - awesome how your style of painting an basing effortlessly blends so many varied makes together. BTW, the banner guy is a Perry, no? I need get some of them for my troops too. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean! Yes - I forgot to mention that in the post - the banner man is indeed a Perry Ashigaru. He's an Ashigaru spearman - i made my own banner and pole with wire and paper.


    It has been pointed out to me (Thanks Cory!) that this does not at all conform to the composition rules for a Bushi buntai. I'd been thinking of options of 150 point buntais that could be fielded and completely forgot that the ENTIRE buntai had to conform to the same requirements...

    I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do... I don't think I even HAVE enough Ashigaru to paint up for the three Bushi buntai that I has Ashigaru in... hmmmmmm....

    Looks like ALL my Bushi buntai for this campaign may become "All Samurai, All the Time" Bushi buntais...

    Or I could give myself a special exemption - I'm the one making all (or... most...) of the buntai and all of the Bushi buntai have been put together in the same way...