Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wargaming Twentieth Century Manchuria?

I went over to JohnB’s place Tuesday evening to play some Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 but we ended up playing something more like Wargaming Twentieth Century Asia c 1905! John busted out his old homemade 25mm Russo-Japanese War miniatures (the same ones we used the very first time we played a game!) and with a few tweaks to the rules we were on our way! 

Manchuria, 1905


We played the Rearguard Action Scenario. The Attackers would essentially have twice as many units  - both forces being randomly determined by rolling on respective tables in the book. The attackers had 15 turns to get at least five units off the far end of the table – though only four units would start on the table – the rest  were in reserve columns of two units each and would have to be diced for.



5x Infantry
3x Cavalry
2x Artillery
2x Machine-guns


2x Artillery
1x Cavalry
2x Infantry
1x Machine-gun.


I took the Japanese and was attacking. John took the Russians and was defending.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

John could pretty much three quarters of  the table as his deployment zone.  He spread his units along a ridge of hills.

Russian Artillery Battery and Infantry battalion.

Another Russian Artillery Battery and a Regiment of Dragoons.

The other Russian Infantry Battalion and Machine-gun battery – with the rest of the force in the background.

On the first turn my initial forces marched onto the table. The Infatry I decided to drive up the right flank – as the middle and left was dominated by the Russian artillery.

On the left I brought on the guns – hoping ot keep his own guns busy and maybe silence them before giving my advance some support from the flank.

Turn Two – the rest of my guns arrive. On John’s first turn he clobbered my first battery of guns.

A view from the Russian side on Turn Two

Another view from the Russian perspective.

As my second battery came on they were also pounded by his guns – but my first battery opened up with some counter-battery fire.

The lead infantry battalion charges over the crest of the hill and into the attack!


The Japanese being mauled on the way.

Follow on battalions moving up.

Though they took some hard knocks on the way in the Japanese prevailed in the attack and drove the Russians off the hill and swept away their machine-gun unit!


Once the first Russian battery was silenced, the two Japanese batteries moved up into range of the second. As they had taken some serious casualties from their duel with the first, one of Japanese Battery was quickly finished off, but the remaining one stayed in the fight for another turn or two to exchange shots with the remaining Russian battery.

Fire from the Russian infantry battalion finished off the first Japanese battalion – but the second one following immediately fell upon the beleaguered Russians!

They too were mauled by the Russians – but the Russians kept falling back and fresh Japanese troops gave chase.

Somehow I missed getting a picture of the Russian Dragoons before they were cut to pieces by the shattered Japanese infantry battalion and their supporting machine-guns.

The Japnaese continue to pursue the Russians ever closer to their own table edge. For a few turns I failed to get my reinforcements – soon they would not have enough turns to make it across the table!!

Another Japanese battalion moves in for the final assault on that first Russian battalion – while another Japanese battalion maneuvers to engage the other Russian battalion.

Finally the remaining Japanese Infantry battalion and the first of the cavalry units arrived and made it over that first hill.

Pushing forward taking artillery fire from the flank.

The first Russian Infantry battalion is finally broken – they sold themselves dearly, though – taking out twice their number before finally breaking under the relentless attacks of successive Japanese battalions.

Getting near the end…

That’s all I got for pictures…?

I did get four units off the table. I think one unit of my cavalry was wiped out. Another unit of cavalry was just an inch or two shy of being able to make it off on the very last turn… a hard fought battle to the end!

I think this is going to work out very well for some 1914 battles when we get enough figures painted.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Painting toys – a bunch arrived today, including figures foe the second Sohei buntai from The Assault Group and an order from Perry Miniatures to fill out with … and … - that I only just placed on the second – that’s less than one week from England to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada! Wow!? I have a few to convert – so I’ll get cracking on that shortly and I also brought home some 40mm 1914 French infantry from John’s to paint up… 


  1. I've always fancied this war, so to speak. Lovely figures.

  2. I really like the clean and well-painted look of the Old School figures. Your friend casts these himself? Please give us more details!

  3. Absolutely cool and very Old School!