2019 Painted Versus Purchased

While I show the numbers elsewhere in a list on the blog, I thought I'd also include a more descriptive list of what it was I managed to do this year.


28mm Foot
4x Ur-Ghuls
2x Valhallan Special Weapon Dudes
1x Fiend of Slaanesh
4x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (4th Daemonette)
1x Salamander Primaris Intercessor
1x Inquisitorial Adept
1x Khymerae
3x Necromunda Cawdor Gangers
11x Necromunda Delaque Gangers
13x Necromunda Red Redemptionists (First Batch) (Second Batch)
4x Necromunda Rataskins
8x Armageddon Steel Legion Guardsmen
2x Fantasy Dwarves
1x Aeldari Autarch
10x Aeldari Rangers (First Squad) (Second Squad)
1x Aeldari Farseer
2x Aeldari Warlocks
4x Aeldari Dark Reapers

73 Total

28mm Vehicles/Beasts
Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

28mm Titans! 
1x Armorcast Reaver Battle Titan

PURCHASED (or otherwise Acquired)

28mm Foot
5x Eldar Warp Spiders
2x Eldar Fire Dragons
4x Eldar Dark Reaper
4x Eldar Howling Banshees.
12x Harlequin Troopers
2x Harlequin Death Jesters (which I have subsequently give to The Girl as I will likely never get to use them - as I already have THREE!?)
1x  Imperial Guard Sniper
2x  Imperial Guard Commissars (with no arms!)
2x  Imperial Guard Valhallans (one with flamer, one tank rider)
1x Adeptus Ministorum Priest
3x Adeptus Mechanicus Servitors
1x Necromunda Escher Ganger
16x Necromunda Cawdor Gangers
10x Necromunda Delaque Gangers
13x Necromunda Red Redemptionist  Gangers
10x Necromunda Karloth Valois (1) and Zombies (9)
14x Necromunda Ratskin Gangers
1x Necromunda Bounty Hunter
2x Necromunda Scavvy bosses
4x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (1 metal, 3 plastic)
1x Space Marine Hero! (got it as a door prize at a tournament)
3x Dungeons & Doggies figures (+ 3 more that I have to paint for Amanda)

113 total

28mm Vehicles/Beasts
1x Space Marine Rhino
1x Keeper of Secrets - Greater Demon of Slaanesh
1x Old Metal Eldar War Walker

28mm Titans! 
1x Armorcast Eldar Revenant Titan

28mm Terrain
17 x Assorted Bits (from Urban Conquest)

1x 1/35 scale WW2 Soviet Aerosan (I have secret plans for this... shhhhhh...)

6mm/Micro Stuff
5x Epic Warlord Titans
2x Epic Warhound Scout Titans

Things I'd Like to Paint in 2019

Reaver Battle Titan
Redemptionist Necromunda Gang
Imperial Knight Paladin
Imperial Knight Warden
Ratskin Necromunda Gang
Cawdor Necromunda Gang
Battle Sisters (~15 if them to finish off)
Tallarn (LOADs to do)
Valhallans (LOADs to do)
Craftworld Eldar (LOADs to do) - working on it!
Harlequins (Two Troupes and an Troupe Leader)
Grey Knights (Two Strike Squads and Castellan Crowe)
Drukhari Battalion (LOADs to do)
Rogue Trader Crew - Elucidian Star Striders
Gellerpox Mutants
Blackstone Fortress Heroes
Blackstone Fortress Adversaries
Imperialis Terrain (LOADs to do)
Mechanicus Terrain
Munitorum Terrain
Urban Conquest Terrain
Mice & Mystics Minis
British Regulars Rebels and Patriots Company
British Rangers Rebels and Patriots Company
French Regulars Rebels and Patriots Company
French de la Marine Rebels and Patriots Company
Soviet Modern Micro Armour
USMC Modern Micro Armour
Epic Eldar
Epic Imperial Guard
Epic Imperial Titans
Epic Marines
Epic Orks
Epic Chaos
Epic Squats

(That's a mighty big list... Not sure I'm going to get to it all... )

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