2019 Painted Versus Purchased

While I show the numbers elsewhere in a list on the blog, I thought I'd also include a more descriptive list of what it was I managed to do this year.


28mm Foot
4x Ur-Ghuls
4x Space Slugs (from Kill Team: Rogue Trader)
2x Valhallan Special Weapon Dudes
1x Fiend of Slaanesh
4x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (4th Daemonette)
1x Salamander Primaris Intercessor
1x Inquisitorial Adept
1x Khymerae
4x Adeptus Ministorum Preachers
4x Necromunda Cawdor Gangers
2x Necromunda Cawdor Juves
12x Necromunda Delaque Gangers
13x Necromunda Red Redemptionists (First Batch) (Second Batch)
4x Necromunda Ratskins
6x Necromunda Esher Gangers
8x Armageddon Steel Legion Guardsmen
4x Fantasy Dwarves (2 Torchbearers)(2 Wizards)
1x Asuryani Autarch
15x Asuryani Rangers (First Squad) (Second Squad)(MORE First Squad)
15x Asuryani Dire Avengers (First Batch (Second Batch)
1x Asuryani Farseer
2x Asuryani Warlocks
4x Asuryani Dark Reapers
10x Asuryani Warp Spiders
6x Asuryani Howling Banshees
3x Asuryani Wraith Lords (2 Wraithlords) (3rd Wraithlord)
6x Asuryani Wraithguard
1x Lead Adventure Space Mechanic
20x Drukhari Hellions (First Batch) (Second Batch)
1x Lelith Hesperax
2x Dwarf Wizards
Kal Jericho and Scabbs
30x Drukhari Wyches
1x Drukhari Succubus
5x Termagants
4x Kroot Warriors for Finnegan
4x Kroot Hounds for Finnegan
5x T'au Fire Warriors for Finnegan
2x Sample Gretchin for Finnegan
3x Gretchin for Finnegan (first two) (another)
10x Asuryani Guardians for Keira
10x MORE Asuryani Guardians for Keira

239 Total

28mm Mounted
6x Drukhari Reavers
6x MORE Drukhari Reavers
1x Krootox Rider for Finnegan

28mm Vehicles/Beasts
Greater Daemon of Slaanesh
Eldar Tempest Heavy Grav Tank
Another Eldar Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank
One last Eldar Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank

28mm Titans! 
1x Armorcast Reaver Battle Titan

28mm Terrain, etc
16x Movement Trays

PURCHASED (or otherwise Acquired)

28mm Foot
12x Eldar Warp Spiders
5x Eldar Fire Dragons
4x Eldar Dark Reaper
8x Eldar Howling Banshees
6x Eldar Dire Avengers
5x Eldar Wraith Guard
2x Eldar Swooping Hawks
2x Eldar Wind Riders
2x Eldar Warlock
15x Eldar Rangers
30x Plastic Eldar Guardians
1x Karandras Phoenix Lord
1x Jain Zar
1x Eldred Ulthan
17x Harlequin Troopers
2x Harlequin Death Jesters (which I have subsequently give to The Girl as I will likely never get to use them - as I already have THREE!?)
1x  Imperial Guard Sniper
3x  Imperial Guard Commissars (two with no arms!)
3x  Imperial Guard Valhallans (one with flamer, one tank rider)
3x Imperial Guard Cadian
7x Imperial Guard Catachans
1x Imperial Guard Vostroyan
1x Imperial Guard Pilot
4x Imperial Guard Steel Legion
11x Imperial Guard - Svargan Shock Soldats
2x Imperial Astro Witches
2x Imperial Sanctioned Psykers
1x Lady Creedance
1x Highland Moss Guard Piper
2x Adeptus Ministorum Priest
3x Adeptus Mechanicus Servitors
1x Imperial Scribe
1x Inquisitorial Acolyte
4x Space Marine Terminators
1x Space Marine Hero! (got it as a door prize at a tournament)
1x Grey Knight
3x Grey Knight Terminators
3x Chaos Terminators
1x Chaos Sorcerer
6x Necromunda Escher Ganger
16x Necromunda Cawdor Gangers
10x Necromunda Delaque Gangers
13x Necromunda Red Redemptionist  Gangers
14x Necromunda Ratskin Gangers
23x Necromunda Van Saar Gangers
14x Necromunda Orlock Gangers
3x Necromunda Bounty Hunters/Scum
3x Necromunda Scavvies
10x Necromunda Karloth Valois (1) and Zombies (9)
9x Necromunda Adeptus Arbites
3x Necromunda Spyrers
2x RoboDogs from Artel W
1x Roli Runeseeker hired gun
4x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (1 metal, 3 plastic)
3x Dungeons & Doggies figures (+ 3 more that I have to paint for Amanda)
2x Borewyrm Infestations
1x Severina Raine
10x Flagellants
1x Brother Captain Stern
1x Goblin Wizard
1x Halfling Sorceress
11x WW2 Soviets
2x Hastlefree Modern Adventurer Minis (that I plan on converting into Delaque Gangers...)

338 total

(also - 10x Cybork leg conversion bits - not counting as full minis)

28mm Vehicles/Beasts
1x Space Marine Rhino
1x Keeper of Secrets - Greater Demon of Slaanesh
1x Old Metal Eldar War Walker
1x Falcon Grav Tank
1x Ambul Hulk
1x Taurox

(Also, 7 Tank Commanders - that will be included in tanks, not counted as separate figures painted...)

28mm Titanic! 
2x Armorcast Eldar Revenant Titan
1x Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan
3x Armorcast Eldar Tempest Heavy Grav Tank
1x Eldar Wraithknight

28mm Terrain
17 x Assorted Bits (from Urban Conquest)

1x 1/35 scale WW2 Soviet Aerosan (I have secret plans for this... shhhhhh...)

6mm/Micro Stuff
5x Epic Warlord Titans
2x Epic Warhound Scout Titans
3x Epic Eldar Knights
1x Epic Shadowsword!

Things I'd Like to Paint in 2019

Reaver Battle Titan
Redemptionist Necromunda Gang
15x Dire Avengers
12x Reavers
20x Hellions!?
10x Wyches
10x Wyches
10x Wyches
Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank
Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank
Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank

10x Rangers
10x Metal Guardians
10x Metal Guardians
(there are 30 plastic ones that I'm not even thinking about at this time!)
10x Warp Spiders
8x Fire Dragons
7x Swooping Hawks
10x Striking Scorions
4x Phoenix Lords (Jain Zar, Fuegan, Baharaoth, and Karandras - I might be dreaming to think I could get all four done in one week... but whatevs...)
2x Warlocks + 1 Farseer
6x MORE Dire Avengers
Falcon Grav Tank
Falcon Grav Tank
Revenant Titan
Phantom Titan
John's Shadespire Skaven
John's Shadspire Dwarves
John's Pi-Rats
John's Space-Rat Kill Team (20)
John's Frostgrave Female Soldiers (22)
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins
10x Wyches
10x Kabalites
10x Kabalites
5x Kabalites + Archon
10x Hellions
9x Reavers
9x Blackstone Fortress Explorers (that might take more than a week...)
1x Blackstone Fortress Chaos Lord + 2 Chaos Space Marines
4x Blackstone Fortress Chaos Beastmen + 4 Negavolt Cultists
2x Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psykers + 4x Spindle Drones
14x Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guardsmen

Hellboy: the Boardgame stuff ...
8x  Agent Miniatures
50+ Plastic Minion Miniatures
4x Plastic Boss Miniatures

Not sure I'll get to it all... but it's good to have a PLAN!

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